Life's Little Luxuries

KCLoopsStudio Family-
It's hard to feel put together in every aspect of your life at every moment, but having a little bit of control in one area can help to make us feel better. I'm a mother, wife, and business owner, and my environment has a HUGE impact on how I feel each day. If my space at home and work is organized, clean, simple, and can reflect what makes me feel calm and blissful, I can accomplish so much more in one day. Aesthetically pleasing spaces definitely reflect how I feel, and I love finding the simple things that make life and each of us feel special and calm, which is why I have created this company, KCLoopsStudio. My mission is to help each one of us, in a small way, create a chic and stylish area around our home, work place, or any other place that we may want to retreat to, that helps us to feel put together and at peace!---without spending a lot and without having to clutter up that setting to make it feel finished. My love for home decor and making rooms look and feel beautiful through simple colors and design has grown into this business and has allowed me to help make places around the world feel complete! It's amazing how much one unique blanket can change the look and feel of a space! Let's get back to enjoying the simple things in life---a super soft, chic, and easy to care for blanket and throw can be one of our first steps! Along with all KCLoopsStudios custom pieces being extremely soft and versatile, our blankets are also always designed out of high-quality, long lasting durable materials. I have wasted SO much money throughout the years on throws, pillows, blankets, and other everyday items, that do not hold up through every day use and wear out very quickly! You will not experience this with KCLoopsStudio items. Our products come with easy care instructions and can be used all year long. I have extremely sensitive skin and make sure that the products we use and create are easy on all skin types. 

So, who is the designer behind KCLoopsStudio? I’m so excited to introduce myself and that each of you are here and joining our KCLoopsStudio family! My name is Kelli and my family is so important to me. My husband and son are two very special people in my life and I feel truly blessed every day to have them in my life. I LOVE all animals and have two sweet and extra small mini dachshunds, Penni and Luci! My love for animals is the main reason behind the Vegan yarns that our company uses. For many years I taught Kindergarten and loved every minute of it. I feel that it is important to always keep our childish innocence and see the good in everything around us. Kids help to bring us back down to Earth and I love being around them! I also studied business and have enjoyed every minute of being a business owner and now being able to help others around the world in a different way. If I got to pick one place to be for the rest of my life it would be the beach! There is nothing like rolling out of bed and sitting on the beach early in the morning with a cup of coffee, a large chunky knit blanket wrapped around you :), and looking out at the ocean, hearing the sounds of seagulls and the crashing waves, and feeling the slight breeze and smelling the salt air. It revitalizes me and has always been my happy place. I can’t wait to get to know each of you and hope that you choose to experience one of our designs soon.

Lots of love- Kelli <3